Ikan Koki Yuan Bao: The Cute and Valuable Fish

Have you ever heard of the cute and valuable fish called ikan koki yuan bao? If not, then you are in for a treat. This adorable fish has become increasingly popular among fish enthusiasts because of its unique appearance and symbolic value.

What is Ikan Koki Yuan Bao?

Ikan koki yuan bao, also known as the goldfish with a head like a yuan bao, is a type of goldfish that originated in China. It is called yuan bao because its head shape resembles the ancient Chinese currency, yuan bao, which was used during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Being a type of goldfish, ikan koki yuan bao has a round and chubby body with a double tail. Its scales come in various colors, such as red, orange, yellow, black, and white. But what makes this fish unique is its head shape, which is round and bulging like a ball.

Aside from its cute appearance, ikan koki yuan bao is also valued for its symbolic meaning. In Chinese culture, yuan bao represents wealth and good luck. Therefore, having ikan koki yuan bao in your aquarium is believed to bring prosperity and fortune into your home.

How to Take Care of Ikan Koki Yuan Bao?

Now that you know what ikan koki yuan bao is, let's talk about how to take care of this cute and valuable fish. Like any other fish, ikan koki yuan bao requires proper care and maintenance to thrive in your aquarium.

First and foremost, you need to have a suitable aquarium for ikan koki yuan bao. This fish is best kept in a tank with a minimum of 20 gallons of water. It is also recommended to have a filter and an air pump to maintain the water quality and oxygen level in the tank.

Next, you should provide a suitable diet for ikan koki yuan bao. This fish is an omnivore, which means it eats both plant and animal matter. You can feed it with commercial fish food, such as pellets or flakes, and supplement it with fresh or frozen vegetables, such as peas or spinach.

In addition, you should also monitor the temperature and pH level of the water in the tank. Ikan koki yuan bao prefers a temperature range of 65-72°F and a pH level of 6.5-7.5. You can use a thermometer and a pH test kit to monitor these parameters.

Where to Buy Ikan Koki Yuan Bao?

If you are interested in owning ikan koki yuan bao, you can buy it from a local pet store or online fish store. However, it is important to buy from a reputable seller who provides healthy and well-cared-for fish.

Before buying ikan koki yuan bao, you should also make sure that you have a suitable aquarium and equipment to take care of it. You should also research about the fish's behavior and compatibility with other fish in your aquarium.


Ikan koki yuan bao is not just a cute and valuable fish, but it also carries a symbolic meaning of wealth and good luck. Taking care of this fish requires proper care and maintenance, but it can bring joy and prosperity to your home.

Whether you are a fish enthusiast or just looking for a unique and meaningful addition to your aquarium, ikan koki yuan bao is definitely worth considering.

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